Atlanta Music Festival Forms

Online Registration

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to download fillable form to your computer, fill it out, and then click submit button, select your email software and send the form to us. Thank you.

Date & Location

Atlanta Music Festival will be held on Sunday, February 11, 2018, approximately 1 - 5pm.

England Piano

3740 Dekalb Technology Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30340

Postmark deadline: January 30, 2018

Chair: Elena Dorozhkina, 706 Holmes str., Apt. D, Atlanta, GA, 30318

tel: (817) 403-3870 email:

Registration PDF FormsApplicants selected to apply by mail have to submit Application Form, Judge's Comment Sheet, and check with Entry Fee to the person identified in the Application Form
Solo Piano/Piano Concerto Form - Download
Piano Duet Form - Download
Solo Voice Form - Download
Judge's Comment Sheet - Download


Students of all ages & abilities are evaluated and given a POSITIVE reinforcement for their future studies and performances.

Participant Fees:

Non-Refundable: Solo/Concerto/Song/Aria: $20 per student. Piano Duet: $13 per student. Entry registration fees can be paid online through the Atlanta Music Festival Main webpage, or checks may be mailed to the Festival Chair, Elena Dorozhkina: 706 Holmes str., Apt. D, Atlanta, GA, 30318. Please address checks to Atlanta Music Teachers Association (AMTA).

Rules & Regulations:

Teacher Requirements: Teachers should submit an appropriate Music Festival Entry Form (Piano Solo/Piano Duet/Voice Solo) and Judge’s Comment Sheet for each student (teachers fill in all the parts except RATING). Both forms are available to fill in online through the Atlanta Music Festival Entry Form webpages or can be printed out, filled in, and mailed to the Chairperson. Teachers who are not members of AMTA, or members of AMTA who have not attended at least one meeting in the previous six months, pay a fee of $30.00 to enter their students. The Teacher’s Fee should be paid to AMTA and mailed to the Festival Chair, Elena Dorozhkina, 706 Holmes str., Apt. D, Atlanta, GA, 30318

Teachers, who are registering 1-3 students, must work 12:30-3:45pm or 3:45-7pm shift; teachers, registering 4+ students, must work full day 12:30-7pm shift. If a teacher is unable to work his/her time shift, a qualified substitute is acceptable upon Chairperson’s confirmation by the postmarked date. Entrants’ parents will not be accepted for teacher’s substitute. Time preference must be marked while submission of the Application (Entry) Form. Later time requests will not be accepted. Teachers will be provided in advance with the information about their assignments.

Teachers, who work full day, may request a lunch; the lunch fee is $10, payable by a check. These checks should be addressed to AMTA and a memo should indicate a word LUNCH. The checks should be mailed to Elena Dorozhkina, 706 Holmes str., Apt. D, Atlanta, GA, 30318

Teachers are held responsible for educating their students on the procedures of the event. Please take the time to communicate these rules and regulations with your student and the students’ parents/guardians.

Scheduling: Chairperson must be notified of scheduling needs when submitting applications.

Repertoire: Two solo contrasting pieces, or two duets, or any movement of a concerto for piano participants, and two solo songs or arias for voice participants. Memorization is required except a duet category. Please, submit a music score with numbered measures to a judge. Selections may be made from GMEA Guild Federation. No copies please, only the original printed score. Arrangements/pop considered, please contact chair to discuss.

Accompanist for voice participants: Voice participants may bring their own accompanist or use their own electronic devices, such as audio player with a recorded accompaniment of their songs/arias, etc., for their performance. The festival does not provide an accompanist to the voice participants.

Ratings: Superior, Excellent, Very Good, Good. Superior is the highest. Written comments will be given by a judge. Students will receive a certificate showing category & rating. Superiors will receive a gold seal on their certificate or a special kind of certificate.

Categories: A - Less stringent evaluation for a first performing experience, or for students with special needs. B - Students of any age or level, performing standard repertoire. C - For students preparing for auditions, recitals, or competitions. C-is the strictest of the three categories. D - Comments Only - Students will receive no grade or certificate in this category.

Parents and Students: Please respect the teachers and AMTA Board members. It is improper to criticize those working to make this event a success. Any concerns should be directed privately to the coordinator. Inappropriate discussion can lead to disqualification from the event. Students should be dressed in semiformal or business attire. Students wearing inappropriate attire such as jeans, sneakers, and flip flops will be disqualified.

Students must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their performance. Students must check-in, receive a form to give to a judge (Judge's Comment Sheet), and get directions to warm-up & judge's rooms. After their warm-up, students should be awaiting their call near the judge’s room at least 3 minutes prior their performance time. Students will give their music (an original printed score with each measure numbered) and Judge’s Comment Sheet to a door monitor. After their performance, students must wait outside the room for the judge to return their music. Students will receive their music from a door monitor and then will proceed to a registration desk for a certificate. Students will be given their certificates shortly. Judge's Comment Sheets are held in folders for teachers. Teachers will be given Judge's Comment Sheets at the end of their shifts.

Parents will be asked to remain in a waiting area by the registration desk quietly, until the student will finish his/her performance. Judges’ decisions are final. Any comments or talking to judges regarding student’s rating prohibited.

Thank you for your participation at the Atlanta Music Festival!!